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07 October 2008 @ 06:17 pm

There's a few I haven't personally seen so I'm posting this to the LJ group for you guys. Enjoy.
19 September 2008 @ 09:37 am

To my One True Fandom, I wish the happiest of days. May we get only smart members, decent sequels and awesome special-edition DVDs for the rest of time.

*raises glass*

Join the all-day party at The Bloodfeud.
17 December 2007 @ 07:26 pm
I made this for Bloodfeud, but I'll post it here too. Happy RhamaChanKwanzMas Everyone!

18 November 2007 @ 10:50 am
Hey guys, don't forget! We hope you come!
02 November 2007 @ 07:26 am
I heard on NPR yesterday that the Hollywood writers' union is going on strike.

Now for us, this means more reality TV and reruns until they work things out and for a few weeks after, but for movies, it means no in-progress rewrites. If the crew films a scene and finds that it doesn't work, a lot of the time, they'll call the writer and ask for it to be redone.

"But," the woman said, "we won't start to feel this until we actually see these bad movies come out in--" and then I can't remember whether she said 2009 or 2011.

When's UW3 set to come out again?

One of the things they want is a cut of the DVD action; they already get tiny percentages of live reruns.
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26 October 2007 @ 06:51 pm
Word is that Rhona Miatra has been cast as Sonja in UW3. There's some question as to whether she can pull it off -- not her costume; she was in Nip/Tuck enough to establish that.

Now let's not take Nip/Tuck too far. Everyone in that skanky pseudoporn came off looking hollow and unbelievable. Maybe it's just the bad writing. (Of course, I also thought that bad writing was why Elisabeth Röhm's character looked hollow and stupid in Angel. Then I saw her in Law and Order. Damn, but that girl can't act.)

Now, Mitra wasn't that bad on The Practice, but Sonja is definitely not typecasting for her. So just in case, I'm resurrecting my sequel mantra (humming optional):

It's not going to be as good as the original. It's not going to be as good as the original. I am going to accept this going in, sit in the seat and have an okay time. I am going to dissect the movie and pick it apart, but I'm going to do it because I like picking cool movies apart. It's not going to be as good as the original, but I am going to have a good time.

And I looked her up. She was in some version of Beowulf in 1999 -- anyone seen it? Was she any good?
25 October 2007 @ 08:28 pm
I got this and this from Lycan The Underworld.
24 October 2007 @ 09:07 am
So, how is everyone doing? How is life treating you?

External Link: Battleship Pretension's podcast discusses the comparisons and contrasts between vampires and werewolves in films, including Underworld. [Listen]
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