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04 February 2012 @ 11:45 am
a brace of plot bunnies  
I woke up with a funny idea today. Adam Lockwood knows what happened to Michael. He saw the bite mark; he heard Michael's story about a full-grown man. Once the news reports came out, he would have put two and two together. I wrote an UW story with some friends that featured Adam, and it's interesting to think about how he might react.

On another note, the technician whom Selene let go (and we have to assume that he was human because he went ker-splut) said that Subjects One and Two could see through each other's eyes, and Selene didn't even know that Subject Two existed but Subject Two was sure that she would know who she was.

What if it wasn't Selene that Subject Two was seeing? What if it was Michael?

We've been assuming that Michael, like Selene, was unconscious throughout his stasis, but what if he could periodically see through Subject Two? It would explain why they put him in the storage closet where there was nothing important to see.

Since someone else already nabbed the all-time primo plot bunny for this movie, I think it might be cool to have Michael know things about Sub Two. Since Michael needs more of a personality if he's going to be in any Underworld 5, that could be his thing: He was awake those twelve years and has been biding his time, composing evil plans and getting very, very pissed off.